Beyond the Horizon: Foresight in Support of the Preparation of the European Union’s Future Policy in Research and Innovation (BOHEMIA)

Europe needs to be better prepared for the future. It needs to be equipped to overcome the challenges and make the best out of the opportunities lying ahead. Research and Innovation will be crucial to the EU's ability to address issues in the future by providing novel tools and insights.

This survey is part of the BOHEMIA study, which is a foresight exercise funded by the European Commission to contribute to the next EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. The questionnaire draws on a proven methodology of foresight – the Dynamic Argumentative Delphi. The statements in the questionnaire were generated in a process of scanning, literature analysis, research, interviews and a workshop.

BOHEMIA invites you, as an expert, to join a variety of specialists from across Europe to share your informed opinions on a number of statements that paint a broad picture of the future, i.e. until 2040 and beyond. These statements concern science & technology advancements, societal challenges, and research & innovation practices.

You are about to enter the questionnaire for the first time, where you are invited to choose your field(s) of knowledge and asses the associated statements. You will cast your quantitative estimations (for time of realization, significance) and justify them by selecting pre-existing argument(s), or by providing a new argument, or both. The arguments will be ranked according to the number of votes (selections) gathered from respondents.

You will be actively invited by us to return to the questionnaire, in order to examine the distribution of previous responses and the updated lists of arguments. In light of the new information provided by contributors, you may revise your arguments and/or your quantitative estimation, if you feel it is necessary.

All the personal information you provide will be anonymised in the questionnaire report, and will not be used outside this project.

The survey closes on June 18th.

* For an optimal user experience, we advise you to fill in this questionnaire using a PC, laptop, or tablet.
** Estimated time of completion for one field of knowledge: 20 minutes.